• Dragon's Blood Elixir | Doug and his vehicle graphics.
  • Dragon's Blood Elixir | Point of sale display toppers.
  • Dragon's Blood Elixir | Website with buy online capabilities.
  • Dragon's Blood Elixir | Handouts and coupons for the Order of the Dragon loyalty club's winter 2010 campaign 'Stay Hot'.
  • Dragon's Blood Elixir | Social media implementation and consultation.
  • Dragon's Blood Elixir | Patch.

Dragon's Blood Elixir

The Client

"You a hot sauce fan?"

Doug has grown with Sitely ever since his humble beginnings in 2009. Like us, he decided to drop his day job and make his passion his work.

Turns out there's a lot of people across the world who share Doug's passion, and we found them all on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere. After landing his sauces a few rave reviews on some high-profile hot sauce blogs, Doug's site and his Paypal account are now integral to his business; he's shipped out his sauces (and t-shirts) across the globe. But you can still catch Doug on the CT/MA/RI farmer's market circuit too; that's where he thrives.

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